TheFarmacist® Teams Up With Mathematics® Of Wu-Tang Clan: Artist Behind Iconic “W” Logo

BREAKING NEWS FROM SHAOLIN! We are honored to announce that we have partnered with Mathematics of Wu Tang Clan to bring you his first ever NFT collection. A digital collectible comprised of 200 hand drawn traits, computer generated into 11,111 unique one of a kind non fungible art works. now minting for .04 eth at "No Pork On My Fork"

September 2021, Mathematics of Wu Tang Clan and I are chilling in theFarmacist® tour bus backstage at Cultivators Cup®, blazing a few down waiting for him to go on stage with Methodman and Redman. We started talking art, how he created the Wu Tang Clan logo, NFT's and life philosophies. We had a lot of mutual understandings and similar beliefs and interests. We get to talking about the extensive art he has drawn over the years and how he would love to create a lasting collectible roadmap for the true Wu Tang Fans and that's when it hit me.

I knew just the team to help Mathematics take his genius vision and bring it to reality, NiceDrips.. Having just sold out their Genesis Collection a couple months prior and working with them to bring my NFT "Nice Skunks" to life I realized I had the perfect people for Math to meet; NiceDrips. Being long time friends of mine and also having hearts of gold, I knew it was a great match. NiceDrips had just created a collection that with the proceeds they then donated 100 ethereum back to the community, which at the time would have been around 340k USD. They had a solid team with a great developer and even greater hearts so it was time to make the introduction.

Below is the photo where we had our first initial meeting at IMI Studios in New York City. Mathematics, NiceDrips, Myself and Red Hayes of Tracklib were all there brainstorming ideas. This is the first time Mathematics had EVER drawn with a digital pen. He's seen here altering one of my nice skunks before launch. Following this meeting Math was hooked, he went straight to the Apple® Store and bought himself a new iPad Pro to begin his journey. For the next month, anytime I talked with Mathematics he was eager to keep creating, and found a newly lit passion for drawing again. He couldn't be stopped.

What is beautiful about all the meetings we had is it was always about the art and the culture, especially the fans, not once did I hear anyone on the team boast about doing this for any financial gains. Of course when the project sells out there will be gains, but they will be made with "no pork on my fork" as the mentality. Mathematics is here for the long haul in his new chapter of digital art and making a quick buck was never the goal. This collection is an introduction to the man behind the W, Mathematics himself. Mathematics goes on to explain in a Twitter spaces what "no pork on my fork" means to him.

“I stopped eating pork in 1984, so it’s like ‘No Pork on My Fork’ basically,” he explains. “That’s mentally as well as physically, because it’s like physically, it damages the body. That’s not the best thing to eat. Mentally, it’s like, listen to the things that we call the pig. We call them slobs, we call them dirty. They live in mud, filthy. We call them swine. I was always taught we don’t want no type of swine. So somebody’s ‘swining’ you was not good.

“And they say pigs are intelligent animals and they are, but so is a swine, snake-ass mutherfucka, too. They’re smart. They’re cunning, so I say, ‘No pork on my fork’ — that’s period. That’s mentally as well as physically. All across the board.”

And with this collection that's exactly what you get. No Swine! With no overhyped launch and a stealth entry into the NFT world this collection is for true Wu Tang Clan Fans. Minting for only .04 eth the goal was to patiently onboard the millions of Wu Tang fans around the globe into this new Web3 world. We didn't want fans priced out and we didn't want to do a big celebrity NFT launch for investors to crush on secondary. User safety, and value were all top priorities in the creation of this NFT.

With so many projects getting hacked or having artwork stolen and launched prior by nefarious characters, we decided as a team to raise this organically. By building our roadmap out organically it gives us a time to create user friendly content teaching new comers how to be safe and how to even purchase NFTs. We suggest that any fan interested in purchasing starts out by downloading the MetaMask app. From there you will be able to purchase ethereum using your fiat wallet. Raising funds to further build out our roadmap instead of just paying to appear to be the big dogs.

For me I am truly humbled and proud to have such a great team behind us and helping this project. Also, thank you to Mathematics for giving me the opportunity to help bring this to life. Wu Tang Clan has played a major role in shaping this culture and I am honored to be a steward of taking this global movement into the Metaverse.

Pictured above: Josh from NiceDrips with Mathematics of Wu Tang Clan. 

Pictured above: theFarmacist® with Mathematics® of Wu Tang Clan.